As a group aiming to represent the needs of all mountain bikers within Calderdale we’ve currently got the following objectives.

Family Friendly Trails

We’ve been campaigning for open access on Norland Moor as one ideal destination for families looking for traffic free trails, it’s a safe space for young riders with a great network of accessible paths.

A Pumptrack for Calderdale

We’re looking for locations to build pump tracks, because pump tracks are good.

Trail Repairs and Dig Days

All outdoors users cause erosion, so it’s important we care for our trail network to keep it accessible to all.

Trail Stewardship

We’ve adopted the “Be Nice, Say Hi’ ethos and have been busy installing fingerpost signage to help reinforce the message.

You’ll also find us taking part in Trash Free Trails activities to keep our outdoor spaces litter free.

Right of Way Upgrades

We’re documenting misrecorded Rights of Way. When even the lower half of the Blue Pig is recorded as a footpath on the definitive map we know we’ve got work to do.